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Al Moauz Automatic Gates is the company of Mohammed Saif Abdullah Group of Companies was formed in 2006 and since then has grown to be the leading company in the United Arab Emirates. During the past 16 years the company has developed its reputations as a secure and reputable organization. The philosophy of the company has always been of quality and its good reputation and high standing in the U.A.E has been built on that. It has concentrated on representing only reputable international companies who are the leader in their field. The Company is structured as several autonomous divisions, one for specialized area, each headed by manager with a dedicated supporting team.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the foremost provider of automated doors, gates, and barriers in Dubai. We are dedicated to enhancing...

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to lead the evolution of automated access control systems in Dubai and beyond. We aspire to set new industry...

Our Foundation

Our core values revolve around putting our customers at the center of everything we do. Customer-Centricity is paramount...

Exeptional Service We Offer

Our sales staff is available to offer expert advice on the use of standard door products. Moreover, we offer consultation services to provide expert solutions for specialized or unique applications. Our commitment remains strong as we consistently supply top-level maintenance services and quality products to both our current and new customers

Glass Sliding Door

Automatic sliding glass doors combine style and efficiency. These doors, equipped with sensor technology, improve accessibility and conserve energy. Ideal for various settings, they streamline traffic flow, enhancing security and aesthetics in commercial and residential spaces.


Swing Doors

Swing doors, powered by sensors, offer style and efficiency. These doors enhance accessibility and energy savings in both commercial and residential settings. They streamline traffic flow, boosting security and aesthetics.

Sliding Gate

Automatic sliding gates provide security and convenience. These gates, featuring sensor technology, offer easy access while enhancing safety and aesthetics. Suitable for residential and commercial properties, they streamline entry and exit, adding a touch of modern sophistication. 

Swing Gate

Automatic swing gates blend security and convenience seamlessly. With sensor technology, these gates provide easy access while enhancing safety and aesthetics. Whether for residential or commercial use, they streamline entry and exit, adding modern sophistication to any property. 

Traffic Barriers

Automatic traffic barriers offer efficient traffic management. These barriers, equipped with sensor technology, enhance security and streamline vehicle flow in various settings. Whether for parking lots, toll booths, or restricted access areas, these systems provide a convenient and secure solution.

Garage overhead Doors

Automatic garage doors are the epitome of convenience. Equipped with advanced sensors, these doors offer easy access while boosting security and curb appeal. Whether for residential or commercial use, they streamline entry and exit, adding a modern touch to your property. 


Rolling Shutters

Automatic rolling shutters provide seamless security and convenience. Equipped with cutting-edge sensors, these shutters offer effortless operation while enhancing safety and aesthetics. Whether for commercial or residential use, they ensure easy access and bolster property protection. 

Open your Gates like you turn on the Lights

Our Automatic Gates operators are Italian & German based technologies to provide you with utmost convenience and reliability.

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